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Lush Seasonal Package

Get 30% off your first lawn service!

Sign up for our seasonal lawn maintenance package and get 30% off your first lawn service!

Call us today for a quote on the Lush Seasonal Package! We can meet you for an in person quote, or do a virtual quote using google. When you sign up for the full season of lawn care maintenance, you will receive 30% off your first lawn service!

Lush Seasonal Package Includes:

Seasonal Lawn Mowing

Trimming / Edging

Blowing off all walkways

Removal of all debris

Our typical season consists of the following schedule, based on customer needs:

Spring  (Weekly)

Summer  (Bi-Weekly)

Fall  (Weekly)

Call us today to get your free quote!


The Lush Seasonal Package includes only the listed items described above. Additional services required on the first visit are not eligible for this discount.

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